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How can I get support?

Questions posted to the Movie Masher Forums on SourceForge are often answered relatively quickly and Bug Reports and Feature Requests are processed there too in their tracking system.

Doug Anarino In addition to these free community resources, support is also available on an hourly basis directly from the creator of Movie Masher, Doug Anarino. This one-on-one help is offered at every stage in the integration process, from simple graphical changes to lower level script customization and network design. Support can come in the form of consultations with your development team members, or execution of the deployment tasks themselves if your environment is familiar.

Often support is needed to integrate unique skin graphics, since some elements require the scale9 feature. It's also common to need help developing custom SWF modules that manifest custom interface controls and dynamic visuals like effects, transitions and themes since these all require ActionScript programming and an understanding of the architecture. A lot of folks need assistance as well getting up to speed with Amazon's services when integrating the Transcoder AMI into their application design.

The same reasonable rate is applied to all support services. To get started, please send an email briefly explaining the goals of your project and what stage it's at, providing attachments or links to any relevant mockups, prototypes or specifications.

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